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Colocation Products Colocation Services Data Center

Backup on Demand

TelemaxX – „The DataCenter Company“

  • Data security for your storage solutions

    By linking storage-on-demand with an ordinary network connection (ISCSI), different kinds of  flexible backup scenarios can be implemented.  Storage of data is simply performed by the leased storage system and we care for a backup tape. This data is stored according to a standard concept predefined by us. As it is a so called “full backup” it can only be restored as a whole, which means that data is stored on different kinds of data tapes, either once a week or on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. The data is stored for a period of four weeks in a fireproof safe.
  • The advantage of this solution:

    You can determine individually what kind of data you would like to have stored by simply connecting the backup server with the storage server, so that the relevant data is copied there. This copy is at your disposal for total recovery during the whole storage period.

    Please let us know if you require any other kinds of backup scenarios or any other services. We will provide for the individual solutions you need for your specific requirements.

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