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Colocation Products Colocation Services Data Center

Air conditioning technology

TelemaxX – „The DataCenter Company“

Air conditioning of the data center works according the principle of free cooling in an energy-saving way. Especially during cold seasons the outside temperature is used for cooling down the data center. There are chilled water units installed on the roof of the premises with up to 5 x 440 kw for cooling of the system.

Inside the data center the cooling of the server racks is based on the principle of cold and warm air supply. Up to ten air conditioning systems with a total capacity of 850 kw (100% redundant) per section ensure optimum conditions. Cold air is blown into the 70 cm raised floor which is equipped with slot diffusers in front of the server racks. The warm air is then extracted underneath the ceiling level.

The cold air supply is controlled via a redundant pipe system in order to cool down even the problematic areas in a durable and reliable manner. The temperature inside the data center remains constant at 23 °C.