Colocation Products Colocation Services Data Center

Colocation Products Colocation Services Data Center


TelemaxX – „The DataCenter Company“

The building called IPC-3 of TelemaxX is in the final construction phase and subdivided into four separate construction sections on two floor levels. Each construction section consists of a ground area of approximately 400 sqm and is individually supplied and supervised by a redundant infrastructure.

Within each construction section any specified needs for data space such as racks, colocation, housing, cages, etc. which are required for the respective system, can be considered.

In case that the data center is running with full capacity, approximately 600 racks can be installed, dependent on the measurements of the individual racks.

All construction sections consist of a completely redundant wiring system as well as fire, water, and break-in protection as well as video surveillance with infrared cameras.

The area inside the data center is equipped with a raised floor of a height of 70 cm. Cold supply air which is conveyed to the individual racks and colocations guarantees for best conditions in the data center. Wiring is performed via cable racks on the ceiling of the rooms.

Outside the building, there is a scissor lift table with a maximum loading capacity of 3,000 kg for the supply of materials which are then directly transported into the building via a lock to a freight elevator with a maximum loading capacity of 5,000 kg. All supplied materials can be transported to the respective floor by the freight elevator in an easy and comfortable way.

If required, additional rooms in the basement of the data center can be made at your disposal for maintenance work.