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Fibre optic network

TelemaxX – „The DataCenter Company“

Based on the fibre optic network we can provide innovative transmission technology

The modern fibre optic network enables high-speed surfing on the internet as well as high-speed data transmission rates between various company sites providing maximum failure safety with high spare capacity. With this fibre optic cable, which is less than one-tenth in thickness compared to a human hair, it is possible to make about 100 billion telephone calls and transfer large data volume at the same time without causing any problems. This state-of-the-art technology makes use of an almost speed of light reaching 300,000 km/s for data transmission. If all technical provisions are fulfilled, an enormous speed for data transmission can be achieved. The closer the fibre optic is located at the final user, the more speed can be achieved. At best, the fibre optic ends directly at the final user, so that no copper wires have to be used at all.

In case that the conventional DSL technology providing a maximum of about 16 mbit/s is still connected to the fibre optic network at the main distributor, access can be achieved through the more modern VDSL located in the cable distributors at the roadside. This is why the VDSL technology is also called FTTC (Fibre to the Curb). Therefore, a speed of 50 Mbit/s can be achieved. FTTD (Fibre to the Desk), FTTH (Fibre to the Home) or FTTB (Fibre to the Building) are currently providing connections at highest speed due to the fact that the fibre optic network is directly leading into the building or into the office and/or the desk. The data transmission does either not pass any copper wire at all (FTTD) or only passes FTTH and FTTB via a copper wire in parts.


We create the best conditions for your data

TelemaxX has been using its own separate fibre optic backbone for over 15 years now. The fibre optic routes range up to 2,000 km comprising ring-shaped and redundant structures. Moreover, approximately 53 switches of the Telekom (HVTs) and 50 own POPs are integrated into that network. In Frankfurt we are represented via redundant routes at DECIX as well as at the location Kleyer 90. Due to network coupling to almost all well-known carriers we are able to realize connections beyond the regional network area of TelemaxX leading into the whole world.

Fibre optic network is the future technology

The advantage of the fibre optic technology is not only based on the enormous speed. Above all, it is the high capacity that turns the fibre optic network into the technology of the future. Developments in recent years show that there has been a rapid growth in demand for high data bandwidth in private as well as in business areas. More and more applications provide a fast data connection. Therefore, in a normal household or office many devices are connected to the data network simultaneously. Computer, mobile phones, TVs and tablets take constantly use of the internet. In addition, streaming services produce an extra appetite for data. The final limit is still far from being achieved. And it is solely the fibre optic network that cares for enough capacity to meet the future needs.

TelemaxX offers highly available connections and links up to 10 Gbit/s

By making transmission rates of 2 Mbit/s available within our TelemaxX fibre optic network we lead your high-performance internet providing company directly and without any detours into the ‘world wide web’.