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Hybrid cloud – when the public cloud becomes part of your own IT infrastructure

When it comes to developing and installing the optimal IT strategy for a company, individual solutions are required. Hybrid clouds are an important component when configuring such an optimal infrastructure. They combine the advantages of a private cloud with the diverse possibilities that public clouds offer. TelemaxX offers you the ideal combination of a state-of-the-art and secure data centre with innovative cloud services' scalable offers. A hybrid cloud from TelemaxX is therefore the ideal solution for anyone looking for a secure, reliable IT structure and a cloud at attractive conditions.

Heavy workloads are no longer a problem with the cloud

As an important component of cloud computing, the cloud plays a crucial role in storing data and using certain applications. Connecting local computers located in your own company or in an external data centre with the services of cloud providers combines the advantages and possibilities of both structures. Using a cloud lets you balance peaks in workloads and make optimal use of the available resources. With a hybrid cloud, clients use cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, which, combined with cloud services from TelemaxX high-security data centres in Germany, set the highest standards in terms of data protection.

Cloud goes public – but secure!

As an integral part of the hybrid cloud, public clouds are used to respond with the greatest possible flexibility to the ever-increasing challenges of data storage and the permanent availability of complex applications. However, the often highly sensitive data requires comprehensive protection that can only be guaranteed by professional providers such as TelemaxX and its partners. Your company data is only safe from hostile attacks from the Internet in a secure environment. We have had all of our cloud offerings checked by various organisations.

With our hybrid clouds, your data remains in Germany

As a TelemaxX client, you can be sure that your company data will remain in Germany even if it is stored in TelemaxX's public or private cloud solutions. Connecting hyperscalers is still possible worldwide via secure data connections. Not only do we provide reassuring certainty that data security is guaranteed in accordance with the strict German regulations and the GDPR, but we are also available around the clock if a problem should arise. Our professional support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One more thing you can depend on.

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