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A public cloud – the virtual expansion of your IT infrastructure

Every investment in a company's future is a decision based on the relationship between costs and benefits. This also applies to creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure. It is not always necessary to use available funds to purchase your own hardware and software. In many cases, using a public cloud can make buying your own servers and programs superfluous. Public clouds make it possible to use various information technology services without unduly burdening your existing budget.

The cloud as a needs-based alternative

In contrast to private clouds, public clouds make their services available to a large number of users simultaneously via the Internet. In addition to renting storage space and computing power, the services offered by publicly accessible clouds also include the provision of applications and other components of the IT infrastructure. The cost of the provided services is usually calculated depending on the extent of use. This means that only the cloud services that are actually used have to be paid for. Public cloud computing makes it possible to avoid extensive investments in expensive IT systems and programs that are only partially utilised.

Use resources when they are needed

As an integral part of a hybrid cloud, public clouds make it possible to use additional services without using the resources of the company's own cloud. Sensitive data that is exclusively intended for internal company use and a defined group of users is stored in the private cloud. Public cloud capacities are rented for further tasks as required. As a needs-based addition to the information technology infrastructure, the public cloud is a cost-effective alternative to creating your own structures. Through the virtualisation of hardware components and the provision of applications in the public cloud, you can dispense with the costly provision of rarely used resources in your own company.

Your data is also secure in the public cloud

As a provider of extensive IT services, TelemaxX offers its clients customised managed services to set up and maintain servers in a data centre. Our portfolio also includes the configuration and monitoring of cloud solutions that go perfectly with your public cloud services as a hybrid cloud. Attractive billing models and round-the-clock support are a matter of course at TelemaxX, as is extensive personal advice. With our cloud offerings, the security of your data is a top priority. Our highly secure data centres in Karlsruhe are multiply certified and are subject to the strict provisions of the GDPR that apply in Germany. Your data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and is therefore reliably protected against unauthorised access.

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