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TelemaxX's IT services – professional solutions from a single source

Without a powerful IT infrastructure, it is almost impossible to have trouble-free operations in a modern company. To achieve this, a high degree of availability with the highest infrastructure performance is required. TelemaxX data centres have precisely that. Our wide range of managed services as well as our cloud services lets you and your employees concentrate on your core competencies. After all, these things are what make your company successful.

Customised IT services for your company

The managed services that TelemaxX offers in Germany are as varied as our clients. A company's existing infrastructure is just as important when finding individual solutions as the type of tasks that arise on a day-to-day business. In our data centres, you therefore not only have the option of setting up and maintaining your own server for your company, but we also offer you comprehensive support in all other aspects of information technology. Whether you want to save your data in the cloud or need Remote Hands to troubleshoot your hardware, TelemaxX has the managed services you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Security and reliability are top priorities in our data centres

In every TelemaxX data centre, the security of your data and reliable accessibility are top priority. To secure your server from Internet threats, we can set up a firewall that is constantly monitored by our experts. To ensure your server works flawlessly, our data centres not only have optimal air-conditioning, but also a redundant power supply, which is maintained by a diesel generator in an emergency. Even if you want to store your data in a cloud instead of on a server configured especially for you, we provide the services you need. Of course, the focus here is also on security.

IT services are our business

Experts from the most diverse areas of information technology work in TelemaxX's data centres in Germany. This enables us to offer you a wide variety of managed services. You can store your data in a secure private cloud with us, just as you can set up a dedicated server. You can also rely on the professionals from TelemaxX to monitor and supervise your firewall. Why not put us to the test. We are sure we could then soon count you among our many satisfied clients.

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