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Data centre security

Fire protecion

The data centre (data centre/colocation centre) is divided into 4 separate fire compartments, each of which represents its own self-contained security area. Fire barriers are of the same quality as the walls, ceilings and floors and are equipped with fire dampers which close automatically if a fire should occur. An additional early fire detection system is used in the data centre spaces, which detects and reports possible problems as early as the development phase.<br/><br/>All fire compartments are linked to a central extinguishing system. The extinguishing agent used is nitrogen with a residual content of 10% oxygen. This is very environmentally compatible yet has a high extinguishing efficiency and can also be used safely and without residues.<br/><br/>Fault messages are recorded and immediately forwarded to the responsible persons via a fault message system. These include any faults related to early fire detection, fire or water, electricity and air-conditioning, as well as access control and intrusion detection systems.

Access Control

Access to the data centre is regulated by an access control system. Access is only possible with the appropriate ID cards. The ID cards are issued by a security service, which also checks and monitors the building at regular intervals.

In addition to an intrusion detection system, the building is equipped with an external and internal video surveillance system. Monitoring is carried out using infrared cameras. The video recordings are stored for up to 30 days so that any incidents can be tracked.

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