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The business cloud from TelemaxX – securely and individually configurable

The ability to store data in a secure location and exchange it quickly is one of the fundamental factors of successful business for modern companies. Keeping the information required for a smooth workflow on company computers is, however, often only possible with great technical effort. That is why more and more companies are using innovative cloud solutions. They save their company data in a business cloud. The access rights to the information stored in the virtual cloud, as well as the cloud's capacity, are adapted to the client's individual wishes and needs. Not only can the business cloud from TelemaxX be set up in the shortest possible time, but it is also highly scalable. As a provider based in Baden-Württemberg, TelemaxX also guarantees that all data is stored exclusively in Germany.

Perfectly protected company data

Sensitive company data requires the greatest possible protection against unauthorised third-party access. The cloud services from TelemaxX in Karlsruhe provide the highest security standards. 100% of the information stored in a TelemaxX business cloud stays in Germany. Encryption of your company data and professionally managed access rights for your employees guarantee maximum security. Your data is protected against unauthorised access. Achieving a comparable level of protection in your own company is only possible with considerable technical and personnel expenditure. As a trusted provider of innovative IT services, TelemaxX gives you all the advantages that come with using a cloud.

TelemaxX Cloud
TelemaxX Cloud

Enterprise cloud services

Optimise storage space and costs

As a provider of innovative IT solutions, TelemaxX gives you cloud storage that is perfectly customised to your needs. The capacity of the cloud and the use of additional features is freely configurable. Due to the scalability of your business cloud, you can react to changing conditions and find an optimal solution at any time. The ability to use our offers flexibly contributes significantly to our ability to offer customised solutions that are also reflected in an attractive billing model.

Professional support at any time of the day

As with all other IT services, TelemaxX's experts are also available to support your business cloud around the clock. Be it a matter of solving a problem with a managed server or an urgent backup of the data in your cloud, our support team's availability is guaranteed at all times. Our experts are your competent partner for all questions about your IT, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also depend on individual advice and personal service after your business cloud has been set up.

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