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DirectCLOUD - A secure and direct connection to the cloud

DirectCLOUD is your direct connection to various public cloud providers. Your private data highway is not only extremely fast, but also particularly secure. Regardless of whether your data is stored in a cloud from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or another TelemaxX partner, DirectCLOUD gives you exclusive access to all clouds. You need just a single line to reach the various cloud providers via the private express connection. DirectCLOUD from TelemaxX lets you immediately access your cloud at any time.

DirectCLOUD – the fast and secure path into your clouds

DirectCLOUD enables you to connect directly to your dedicated server and hybrid cloud in one of the TelemaxX data centres without the high latencies of public networks. You use the entire transmission speed of our own fibre optic network. With DirectCLOUD, we do not only offer a particularly fast connection, but also one that works extremely reliably and opens up a wide range of options for expanding your cloud portfolio. Regardless of the high latencies of the public Internet's VPN tunnels, you can directly control your server in a TelemaxX data centre via DirectCLOUD, which in turn is also connected to TelemaxX's various public cloud partners via our own fibre optic network. This lets you transfer your data especially quickly and extremely securely.

TelemaxX – a managed service provider as you require

As a professional managed service provider, TelemaxX offers a wide range of services from the most diverse areas of telecommunications. DirectCLOUD is the ideal addition to your hybrid cloud or dedicated server that we host for your company in one of our high-security data centres in south-west Germany. As with all our services, with DirectCLOUD, we can put together a package specifically adapted to our clients' needs and wishes. For example, the various public cloud partners can be booked individually.

Going out into the world securely from Karlsruhe

With over 2,400 kilometres, our private fibre optic network enables our clients in Baden-Württemberg to connect quickly and securely to our five high-security data centres. But that's not all. All of our locations around Karlsruhe are connected to the international Internet hub DE-CIX in Frankfurt via our own fibre optic lines. This means that your data is not only transported particularly quickly, but also particularly securely. We would be happy to get in touch and tell you even more about it.

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