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GlobePEER - Hundreds of networks to peer with

DE-CIX's GlobePEER service reduces IP Transit and network costs by aggregating all kinds of ISPs on a Layer 2 switching platform. By connecting hundreds of networks on the most advanced industry platforms, the service enhances the speed and reliability of all kinds of IP products.



Benefits of peering with GlobePEER

Bandwidth requirements for services like video, gaming, cloud, or voice over IP grow continuously, and every millisecond, if not nanosecond, is important; peering provides for the lowest latency path and therefore greatly enhances the end-user Internet experience.


DE-CIX’s platforms are distributed platforms connecting multiple data centers. You reach all connected networks in a metro region via the shortest route, no matter which data center they are in.


Peering gives you the control over routing and your traffic flow. You can see how much traffic is flowing over your port and where it goes; you don’t have to struggle with overbooked IP transit routes.


You can choose which network you send your traffic to. This way you can bypass congested IP transit routes.


Direct peering provides you with the lowest latency path to your target networks on an uncongested path; therefore, peering improves the quality of networks. 


The standard service level guaranteed in our Service Level Agreements for availability of the DE-CIX GlobePEER service is 99.99%; our platform has maintained 100 percent uptime since 2007.




If peering sessions fail, transit services provide backup connectivity to peer networks; if the transit connectivity fails, the peering connectivity is unaffected.



Deciding for DE-CIX's services means making a safe investment with a reliable partner.
Let us show you how to increase your revenues with peering.



To take advantage of the GlobePEER service, you need to have access to DE-CIX via our service DE-CIX Connect, and you need to have your own Autonomous System Number (ASN). 



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