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fibre optic network – the technology of the future

Glass fibre is thinner than human hair and yet extremely powerful. Fibre optic technology transmits information via light, which means that very fast transmission speeds can be achieved. The transmission reaches light speeds, i.e. 300,000 km/s, and thus large amounts of information can be transmitted at the same time. For you and your company, this means that you can quickly and securely access large data packets thanks to the latest fibre optic direct connection. The fibre optic network enables significantly higher transmission rates for uploads and downloads than DSL. TelemaxX provides you and your company with highly available links and connections up to 100 Gbit/s.

Within our TelemaxX fibre optic network, we provide transmission rates from 2 Mbit/s up to 100 Gbit/s. As a high-performance Internet provider, TelemaxX takes your company to the Internet directly and without detours.

Connected to the backbone network without detours

Benefit from our fibre optic direct connection; because our powerful backbone fibre optic network creates the ideal environment for your servers and network components. Whether you have renteddata centre space for your server or a rack. Since the data rates of all end users are bundled in the backbone network, this network requires particularly high transmission rates. At the same time, special security measures and deliberate redundancies are necessary to be able to redirect the data streams in the event of partial failures in the backbone. TelemaxX also has a fibre optic network direct access in the backbone area. The closer the fibre is to the end client; the more speed can be achieved for them. In the best case, the fibre ends directly at the end client, so that no copper connections need to be used at all.

Glass fibre direct connection – faster and securer

Using DSL technology, which is now somewhat dated, for example, the maximum transmission rate is around 16 Mbit/s. If the connection to the fibre optic network is still at the main distributor, access using the more recent VDSL occurs at the exchange on the side of the road. Speeds of 50-100 Mbit/s can be achieved. The technologies FTTD (Fibre to the Desk), FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and FTTB (Fibre to the Building) currently provide the fastest connections. In these cases, the fibre optic network is installed directly in the building, the office or to the desk. The data path either no longer runs via copper wires at all (FTTD) or sometimes only for a very short distance (FTTH, FTTB).

TelemaxX has been operating its own fibre optic backbone since 1999 – with over 2,400 kilometres of its own fibre optic lines. In Frankfurt, the ring-shaped structures are connected to the DE-CIX via redundant paths. Thanks to the network connection with almost all well-known carriers, connections to almost the entire world can be implemented.

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