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Fraud management – abuse and fraud prevention in telephone systems

The daily news often reports incidents whereby hacker attacks originating from organised crime circles manipulate telephone systems and technical end devices and misuse them for other purposes. In this context, one speaks of so-called “fraud” cases.

The manipulated telephone systems generate expensive telephone calls to worldwide destination numbers – preferably to chargeable service numbers. The resulting damage is often in the five-digit euro range for individual subscribers.

Due to the increasing number of incidents, TelemaxX and associated partners decided to monitor telephone behaviour for potential threats using a suitable technical platform. If unusual, suspicious activity is noticed on individual connections, outgoing calls to certain area codes can be temporarily blocked. TelemaxX then informs the client of the activities that have been identified. In consultation with the client, we then check whether the generated conversations actually happened or whether this is a so-called fraud incident. After this check, the blocked destinations can be activated again if needed and necessary at the individual client's request. However, this activation is then the client's responsibility.

The LKA North Rhine-Westphalia (state criminal investigation office) leads the investigation as part of its fight against crime. If you are currently affected and have been harmed by such hacker attacks, you should always file a complaint with the local police.

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