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Voice over IP – SIP account

Product features:

  • up to 10 individual numbers per SIP account
  • Available voice channels per SIP account: 2 / 4 / 8

VoIP replaces ISDN connection

The SIP trunk/SIP account generally replaces the ISDN connection. If you are already using VoIP in your internal company network or are considering switching to a VoIP-capable telephone system, switching to a direct VoIP solution is advisable. To accomplish this, TelemaxX offers the following services:

A SIP trunk can only be used with an extension-capable number. TelemaxX provides a
secure line to the SIP trunk, which guarantees the telephone system's voice quality and security. With an ISDN interface, you can assign up to 4 S0 interfaces with one phone number/SIP trunk – max. 8 voice channels are possible. SIP accounts can only be operated with multiple device numbers. One SIP account = one phone number. With an ISDN interface, up to 10 phone numbers/SIP accounts can be assigned to one S0 interface. Two voice channels are available for each S0 interface.

You can of course keep your number – only the technology behind it
changes. If your telephone system is not VoIP-capable, we can provide you with an ISDN interface. In this case, the DSL router converts the VoIP signal to ISDN and forwards it to the telephone system. In this case, it may be necessary to reconfigure the telephone system.

What is All-IP?

All-IP is a concept for transmitting audio, video and other data types over an IP network. That is, as part of the conversion to All-IP, services such as telephone (Voice-over-IP/VoIP) or TV/radio are no longer transmitted via analogue channels and ISDN, but via IP networks (Internet).

What does SIP mean?

The "Session Initiation Protocol" is a network protocol. This protocol is comparable to a switchboard operator from times gone by. The protocol provides a connection between two partners. SIP telephones are small computers that are directly connected to the Internet and are used for telephony.

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