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Data centre

Big data, digitisation, cloud and high-performance computing – these are our clients’ main issues. Our data centre lets you manage all challenges associated with these issues effectively and future-proof.
Smooth operation, 365 days a year, is a challenge for the entire infrastructure of our data centre (data centre/colocation centre). To meet this requirement, a great deal of time and knowledge went into the general concept during the planning phase to ensure that trouble-free operation would be possible in the data centre at a later time.

As a result, our data centres are secure, always available and energy efficient. Their modular concepts can also take future requirements into account.

This is how we support our clients

  • in facing new economic and technological trends and official requirements,
  • processing and securing the growing amounts of data efficiently and securely,
  • reducing costs by relieving their own IT administration,
  • managing their IT infrastructure in a flexible and scalable manner – without sacrificing security and reliability,
  • focusing on their core business without losing control over data, systems and processes and
  • depending on the service level agreement, maintaining their IT equipment and solving problems.
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