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Colocation – server housing

TelemaxX offers its clients a comprehensive and highly professional range of server housing. This includes the provision of secure and multi-fail-safe data centre space, as well as services from implementation to care and maintenance as part of server housing.

Server housing at TelemaxX means the greatest possible security for our clients. Our data centres are redundantly protected against faults such as power outages. The air-conditioning is also secured on multiple levels.

With TelemaxX's server housing, clients of all sizes can improve their company's capacities. It can also save costs and increase data security.

TelemaxX ensures constant monitoring, cooling and protection of the servers in our data centres.

Each cage secured by a control system

A cage is a separate, lockable unit area for our clients to colocate their servers or racks. To separate it from the other cage clients, each of these areas is partitioned from its neighbours by a separate metal room divider system. If desired, the cage can be secured with an additional electronic access control system. The infrastructure for supplying the operated components is constructed within the cages according to the renter's individual requirements. Each cage offers you a separate area with its own access control system; your cage or racks can only be accessed using a security card fabricated just for you. This enables you to achieve maximum security for your sensitive data. Thanks to our cages, you also have the highest possible standard for accommodating data carriers and hardware components.

Rent space in a highly secure data centre

TelemaxX lets you rent data centre space/colocation space in our highly securedata centre that is adapted to your needs.Server colocation with TelemaxX gives you numerous advantages: Our colocation centres or data centres are technically state of the art and have the highest level of security. When you choose colocation at TelemaxX, you are choosing quality and reliability.

TelemaxX operates a total of five high-security data centres in Karlsruhe. The company specialises in individual data centre space and server housing solutions to meet our clients' requirements. Special value is placed on maximum operational security for the IT systems operated in our data centres. We support and promote our clients in the demands they have on our data centres regarding security and availability of their services and applications.

Secure your data in our data centre spaces

A cage on our data centre space gives you many advantages: You save expensive costs for employees and energy, while having unlimited access to your company data – at any time, around the clock. The infrastructure for supplying our data centre space is highly secured against fires, power failures and other disruptions. Access to the server racks is also protected by several security levels.

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