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TelemaxX data centres

Through its server housing and colocation offers, TelemaxX gives you the option of operating your server hardware in our data centres in Karlsruhe. Server housing, also called server homing and colocation, refers to a server's accommodation and network connection in a data centre. In contrast to hosting, the servers are provided by the provider. TelemaxX provides infrastructural services and operational support for your servers. We offer our clients a comprehensive and highly professional range covering server housing or colocation.

The servers are accommodated in air-conditioned rooms specially designed for this purpose – video-monitored and alarm-protected. Gas extinguishing systems and an uninterruptible power supply secured on multiple levels are part of our computer and data centres’ standard equipment. Due to these measures, high availability of servers can be guaranteed. Should any complications with a server arise, qualified personnel can be reached around the clock.

Server housing by TelemaxX – fast, inexpensive, secure

Another advantage to server operation at TelemaxX is a higher data transfer rate, which is guaranteed by our own fibre optic networks at our location.

Further advantages include the provision of secure and multi-fail-safe data centre infrastructure, as well as services from implementation to care and maintenance as part of server housing.

Server housing at TelemaxX means the greatest possible security for our clients. Our data centres are redundantly protected against faults such as power outages. The air-conditioning is also secured on multiple levels.

rack unit
rack unit

Colocation from 1 RU in
certified data centre


Server cabinet with up
to 46 rack units


separated unit areas
in variable size

Managed Services
Managed Services

professional IT solutions
from a single source

Energy-saving air-conditioning technology for server housing

To air condition the data centre (data centre or colocation centre), we rely on the principle of free cooling when it comes to energy-saving air-conditioning technology. The outside temperature is used to cool the data centre – especially in the cooler seasons. Within the IPC 4 and IPC 5 data centres, the server cabinets are already cooled according to the principle of cold aisle containment.

With server housing from TelemaxX, clients of all sizes can improve their company's capacities. It also saves costs and increases data security.

We ensure constant monitoring, cooling and protection of the servers in our data centres. If you would rather not drive to our data centre to perform maintenance work in person, we can offer you our "Remote Hands". For this, our technicians work explicitly in the data centre according to the client's specifications.

Redundant wiring, fire, water and burglary protection

The newer TelemaxX data centres are divided into four separate fire sections. Each fire section is supplied and monitored via a redundant infrastructure. The division into separate fire sections lets redundancy requirements be implemented within one data centre.

Within the respective fire sections, individual requirements relating to racks, colocation areas and cages, which are required for the operation of the respective systems, can be taken into account for each client.

All fire sections are completely redundantly wired and have fire, water and burglary protection as well as video surveillance with infrared cameras.

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