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Cloud security for cloud computing – this is how TelemaxX protects your company data

More and more companies are using innovative cloud computing offerings to relieve their own IT infrastructure. However, dispensing with acquiring and maintaining your own servers means storing sensitive data outside of your own network in a cloud that may be used by several users simultaneously. That is why cloud security plays a crucial role in cloud computing. Cloud security includes a number of measures that help protect your data from unauthorised access and ensure a smooth workflow. Furthermore, cloud security is also about complying with legal requirements for data protection and internal company compliance regulations.

Your data is only secure in a comprehensively protected cloud

Cloud security features are based on technical specifications and processes as well as on contractual and legal regulations. A cloud, especially a public cloud, is not an exclusive storage space, but a resource that is available to different users. For this reason, protecting private and business data is of particular importance. The issue of security when working with a cloud affects several levels of cloud computing. Strict control of access rights and identities is just as necessary as professional data encryption. These measures apply to the use of both public and hybrid clouds. When storing sensitive company data in a private cloud within the internal company network, it is important not to neglect appropriate precautions. To comprehensively protect your company data, at TelemaxX, we work on various levels of cloud security. In addition to prevention and deterrence, this includes measures that have a detective and corrective character.

Cloud computing at TelemaxX means a cloud made in Germany

The location and security of the data centre where the cloud is hosted is fundamental to cloud security. All of our TelemaxX data centres are located in Baden-Württemberg and are therefore subject to Germany's strict data security regulations. On top of comprehensive legal regulations, the diverse technical facilities at our high-security data centres also help protect your TelemaxX cloud computing. The servers on which we store our clients' data are protected against external influences by a redundant power supply, powerful air-conditioning systems and other technical facilities. In addition, we rely on our-own fibre optic network, which connects our data centres both with our clients and with the international Internet hub DE-CIX in Frankfurt. Should you require any further information on data security in cloud computing, our experts are always happy to answer your questions.

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