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Managed hosting – we take care of your IT, you take care of the business

Setting up and maintaining your own server to host a website or service is an extensive and unusual task. Overcoming this challenge costs companies valuable work time. Competent specialists take on this complex challenge within managed hosting. This gives your employees more time to concentrate on their core tasks.

What IT tasks does TelemaxX assume within managed hosting?

As a specialised service provider in the IT sector, we take care of the essential components of your company's IT infrastructure. We provide you with separate servers on which your company data is securely stored. Alternatively, data is stored in the TelemaxX cloud. Other tasks of managed hosting include the proper configuration and regular maintenance of your existing business software. Permanent system monitoring is as much a part of our range of services as the installation of updates and new programs.

What types of managed hosting exist?

In addition to dedicated hosting, in which data is stored in a separate physical server, storage in the cloud is becoming increasingly important. With cloud hosting, the client receives isolated storage capacities in a virtual machine. Another option is shared hosting. Several clients share the space on a single data server. Since the different areas are isolated, data security is guaranteed at all times. Building on a company's existing IT competence, it is possible to develop individual managed hosting offers that are specifically customised to the client's needs.

Dedicated server
Dedicated server

Dedicated server from the
data centres in Karlsruhe

Managed server
Managed server

Server setup and maintenance
as a managed service


Storage-on-demand solutions
for business clients

Is managed hosting worth the expense?

Setting up a web server is one of the more complex tasks in IT. Professional hosting also requires extensive specialist knowledge. Maintaining this expertise in your own company means considerable investments in employee training and an enormous amount of time. In general, it is cheaper to outsource these tasks to an external service provider. The time gained through managed hosting enables your employees to spend more time on their core tasks to thus increase the company's success.

Why managed hosting from TelemaxX?

As the operator of five high-security data centres, TelemaxX has many years of experience in storing and processing highly sensitive data. We not only ensure that the security of your data is guaranteed around the clock, but also that your web content is always reliably accessible. We will work with you to develop an IT solution that meets your company's individual needs and requirements.

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