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TelemaxX Cloud Services

Start your Cloud Success Story by using our Cloud Services. TelemaxX offers you flexible and scalable Cloud Services from our own data centers. We guarantee a highly available implementation of your compute instances with an excellent SLA. An availability of up to 99.99% per month grants your company the necessary operational security.

The TelemaxX service portfolio offers extensive options for designing your tailor-made infrastructure. Highly available Colocation Services as well as the DE-CIX Enabled Site in our own data centers form the basis for implementing individual hybrid cloud and multi-cloud scenarios with all hyperscalers. Create your geo-redundant compute and backup strategy for your business-critical applications.

Use the TelemaxX - Cloud Service Portal to make your Cloud Services available or even customize or delete your services while running. Thereby you will achieve your most efficient compute capacity. Save costs with the advantages of cloud computing and benefit from the usage-based, transparent price model of TelemaxX. Our highly qualified specialists stand for maxXimum reliability and availability.

Overview of our services

By using the TelemaxX Cloud you will profit from maxXimum performance and security. All TelemaxX Cloud Services at a glance:


Service Portal
Service Portal

TelemaxX Cloud Service Portal

  • Self-Service
  • Providing VM, live scaling and deleting 
  • User / rights management
Compute Engine
Compute Engine


  • Virtual machines including OS licence
  • Availabilities up to 99,99 % per month
  • Transparent price model
Backup & Restore
Backup & Restore


  • Georedundant Backup Service
  • Choose from different Backup-Policies
  • Transparent price model
Cloud Support
Cloud Support

Our TelemaxX Cloud support

  • Status page including notifications
  • Support
  • Maintenance, Incidents

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Migrating your infrastructure

  • Evaluate migration requirements
  • Individual migration offer 
  • Migrating your current infrastructure

Individual Cloud solutions

  • Finding a fitting solution for your requirements
  • Individual contract
  • Use your tailor-made Cloud Services
Managed VM
Managed VM

Managed Compute Engine

  • Managed virtual machines 
  • Availabilites up to 99,99 % per month
  • Cloud infrastructure as a basis for your managed VM

Legal documents

Under the following link you will find our General Terms and Conditions, Service Level Agreements, Service Descriptions and further information.

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