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Dedicated server: A dedicated server just for you

The dedicated servers from TelemaxX give you the option of securely storing your data on a personal device configured especially for you. The hardware is available to you exclusively. The data is not stored and processed in the cloud, but directly on site on the dedicated units in our data centres near Karlsruhe in Germany.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a real computer on which data is stored directly on site and not in virtual space. The capacities of such a root server are available exclusively to a single client. This guarantees the security of your data at all times. These machines are used as database servers as well as web servers. Use as a VPN server or game server is also possible.

Under what circumstances can a dedicated server be used effectively?

A dedicated server is not only used for secure data storage, but also to reliably host websites with large amounts of content. Gamers benefit from our machines as do start-ups or entrepreneurs looking to access their data flexibly from different locations. Especially in times when employment models such as home office are becoming increasingly important, these devices prove to be ideal VPN servers.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

As a root server, our IT infrastructure offers the highest level of security. The hardware we provide is used exclusively and solely for your needs. The hosting system's capacities are not shared with other unknown users, as is the case with systems that rely on the cloud. If you decide to rent such a unit in one of our data centres, we will provide you with an individually configured dedicated server that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The required RAM and SSD storage capacity as well as other factors are specifically adapted to your needs.

Professional web hosting on a dedicated server from TelemaxX

When it comes to managed hosting, the experts at TelemaxX draw on their many years of experience. We not only offer you individual, dedicated server solutions with RAM and SSD storage capacities that are perfectly customised to your needs, but we also accommodate your machines in the most modern buildings with sustainable, energy-saving air-conditioning technology. Our data centres in the southwest of Germany are directly connected to the international Internet hub DE-CIX in Frankfurt via our own fibre optic infrastructure. This secure and fast connection guarantees that your data and website content is reliably accessible at all times. Join our longstanding satisfied clients in Baden-Württemberg and experience our high performance for yourself.

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