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Data backup for your storage solutions

If storage on demand is connected via a normal network connection (ISCSI), flexible backup scenarios can be implemented. Simply save your important data on the rented storage and we do the backup to tape for you.
These data backups are carried out according to a standard plan that we have predefined.
These are so-called “full backups” that can only be backed up as a whole. Backup to data tapes occurs either once a week or once a day from Monday to Friday. The tapes are stored for 4 weeks in a fire-proof safe.

What are the advantages of backup on demand?

You individually determine which data you want to have backed up by simply connecting the server to be backed up to the storage server via ISCSI and copying the relevant data there. This copy is available to you for immediate restoration at all times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about other backup scenarios or other services. We provide the individual service you need for your individual solution!

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