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Storage on demand

Storage on demand is a cost-effective and flexible solution to store and secure all of your company's important data. TelemaxX's data centres have a multi-client storage on demand infrastructure.

This data storage and backup service includes the following services:

  • Provision of storage capacities in 3 security classes (bronze, silver, gold,)
  • Provision of backup capacities to protect the provided storage capacities
  • Storage management according to a standardised or individually agreed backup plan

Services included

  • No investment risk – lots of storage for little money:

    Setting up your own storage infrastructure often comes with high financial and personnel costs. Our storage solutions reduce your expenses to low monthly amounts. You only pay for what you need.

  • No administrative hurdles – get started immediately:

    Our specialists take care of the storage on demand environment so that you can concentrate on your core business. You tell us how much storage you need; we do the rest.

  • Diverse integration options:

    The time of isolated solutions is over. We ensure seamless integration of the desired storage capacities into your hosted environment. We provide the real added value of comprehensive system integration.

  • High security standards:

    Your environment is available to you around the clock. Your data is stored securely in our high-security data centre. We offer up to 99.90% uptime per year.

  • Flexible expandability:

    Dynamic growth is possible at any time. If required, the storage capacities made available can be adapted to the growing needs of your company.

  • You receive help desk support from our experienced team:

    free of charge, with no hidden service fees.

Storage on demand classifications

The individual storage classes differ in terms of performance and the mirroring mechanism used. In silver class, complete mirroring to a second storage server is performed. In gold class, the data is mirrored via two storage servers in two data centres and, in addition, the data is mirrored again within the respective data centre.

In the storage variants silver and gold, TelemaxX can create snapshots at the client's request.

  • Bronze–economic performance

    – for simple and medium requirements, without additional mirroring of the data storage

  • Silver–standard performance

    – for high requirements for file servers, small and large databases, for application servers and similar services

  • Gold–high performance

    – for virtual servers, database log files and other high-performance applications

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