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Managed firewall service: The answer to the threats from the Internet

Every day, companies' IT systems are exposed to countless attacks from the Internet. A strong firewall is essential to prevent them. However, due to the constantly changing threats, this protective wall must be continuously monitored. This is the only way to be able to react immediately to acute attacks. TelemaxX is happy to take on this important task for you. Thanks to the managed firewall from TelemaxX, you are reliably and continuously protected from all attacks, without having to use your own staff.

The firewall services from TelemaxX – your data is safe

A managed firewall from TelemaxX guarantees the security of your data at all times. With preconfigured solutions against DDoS attacks, viruses or malware, we ensure that criminal cyber-attacks do not stand a chance in your company. Not only do we provide you with the necessary software and hardware for your firewall, we also take care of the professional installation and the individual initial configuration. In addition, our hardware service provides fault-free operation of your firewall.

Safe from attacks from the Internet

Your managed firewall is continuously monitored to detect possible attacks by viruses, Trojans and spam mails in good time. We regularly create detailed reports that are carefully analysed. This is the only way to identify threats in good time and react immediately with suitable measures. In all topics relating to Internet security, our experts are real professionals when it comes to protecting your data.

Put the monitoring of your IT systems in reliable hands

Every entrepreneur should do what they do best. You are good at what you do, we are good at monitoring and managing IT systems. While we take care of your managed firewall, you can sit back and concentrate on the things that make you and your company even more successful. Knowing that you can rely on our professional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, lets you work far more relaxed.

TelemaxX – your reliable partner for managed firewalls

As one of the leading providers of IT services in modern data centres in southwest Germany, we not only have many years of experience in storing sensitive data, but also the necessary expertise in managed firewalls. As a German company, TelemaxX guarantees you certified services and processes as well as compliance with all requirements of the GDPR. With us, your data security is in the best hands.

Service description managed firewall

Our firewall services ensure your data is transmitted securely. Our preconfigured solutions with virus and spam protection help you to re-implement the security of your company network every day.

We also take care of updating the security rules, as well as analysing and eliminating errors.

The price is calculated based on the required device types as well as the required rules and service level.

Essential services at a glance:

  • Delivery of the hardware
  • Installation and initial configuration
  • Hardware service and monitored operation by TelemaxX
  • Fault management (24/7)

  • Regular reports
  • Software updates
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