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Performance at its best – server monitoring from TelemaxX

A server's performance largely depends on regular maintenance. Permanently monitoring all relevant functions is the best protection against failures and poor performance. The professionals at TelemaxX ensure that potential problems are identified early and treated preventively. Detecting possible faults in a timely manner protects you and your company from impending failures and the associated economic damage.

We recognise errors before they occur

Thanks to our permanent monitoring, we have a full overview of your server's current status at all times. We constantly check your systems availability and performance. These checks let us discover defects in hardware components as well as incorrect software configurations. The early detection of possible malfunctions enables us to intervene preventively and thus guarantee your network's fault-free availability. Your company and website can always be reliably reached.

Professional monitoring ensures security and reliability

Professional monitoring of your server and our experts' reliable support cover both hardware functions and checks of programs and tools that are required for smooth business operations. Fixing software problems is just as much a part of our service as securing your data transmission. Permanent system monitoring not only protects you from annoying failures, but also from hostile attacks from the Internet.

With innovative software on the hunt for potential errors

When monitoring your server, our technicians use the latest software solutions. Using these tools means that unusual and particularly complex errors can also be tracked down. Once discovered, they are carefully analysed and evaluated. Based on these results, our professionals develop effective measures to avoid faults that may be immanent. All of this happens in the background. This prevents the checks from interfering with your day-to-day business. We arrange inevitable maintenance work requiring the systems to be shut down with you to ensure business operations are not disturbed.

With server monitoring from TelemaxX, you are always on the safe side

When it comes to server monitoring, you can always rely on the high quality of our work. The trust already placed in us by numerous satisfied clients in southwest Germany is both an incentive and an obligation. Both the service quality and the equipment of TelemaxX's data centres have been multiply certified and checked by official bodies. We would be pleased to count you among our enthusiastic clients in the future

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