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Reduce downtime and save costs with managed switches from TelemaxX

Managed switches from TelemaxX help you significantly reduce network downtime. Improved security is also a good reason to choose switch management in one of the five TelemaxX data centres in Germany or on-site in your company. In addition to less downtime and increased data security, a managed switch also helps to sustainably reduce your company's operating costs.

What is a switch?

A switch is like a network's control centre. This is where the course is set to ensure your data packets only reach authorised ports. As a coupling element, such a switch connects the different network segments with one another, ensuring that data is not forwarded indiscriminately. Only the destinations that are intended as the end point for the data transfer are activated. Managed switches from TelemaxX perform this task in a particularly intelligent way.

What are the advantages of managed switches for my company?

Companies incur considerable costs from network failures, which result in restrictions of day-to-day operations and to the availability of information. Using a managed switch can drastically reduce the risk of failure. In addition, a switch makes it possible to set up a network infrastructure that is characterised by convenient handling and low cabling costs. Maintaining a reliable and stable IT infrastructure requires sufficient time and financial resources. A switch managed as part of TelemaxX's services is another benefit in this respect. The ability to maintain and monitor a switch remotely means that both costs and time are kept in check.

Why a managed switch from TelemaxX is the right decision

A switch can be installed on-site at the client's location, as well as in a suitable client rack in one of TelemaxX's five high-security data centres in Baden-Württemberg. These have a high technical standard characterised by a redundant power supply and climate-friendly cooling of the servers and buildings. The company's own fibre optic network, which connects the TelemaxX data centres in Karlsruhe with both clients and the international Internet hub DE-CIX in Frankfurt, ensures fast and secure data transfer.

In addition, TelemaxX, as a provider of IT services in southwest Germany, is subject to strict German data security regulations. All services are multiply certified and fully comply with the legal requirements of the GDPR. We would be happy to explain how a managed switch can be integrated into your IT infrastructure.

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