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TelemaxX cloud: data security and flexibility made in Germany

Construction plans, calculations or details about client relationships, all the information that defines your company is sensitive data that requires special protection. While company secrets used to be kept in the boss's safe to protect them from the competition's prying eyes, the digital age requires completely different methods. In times when information must be available anytime, anyplace, not only security, but also permanent availability is of central importance.
All relevant company data needs to be saved securely yet must remain accessible to everyone who has to work with it on a day-to-day basis. Saving the relevant files in a cloud made in Germany provides this flexibility, while taking the strictest data protection regulations into account.

Innovative cloud services in Germany are called TelemaxX

To ensure your data is safe from unauthorised access, it is important to choose a service provider who can guarantee its clients this security. As a provider of innovative cloud services from Germany, TelemaxX is subject to the strict provisions of German data protection. All data stored in a cloud from TelemaxX is hosted exclusively on servers in Germany. Choosing a cloud made in Germany means that your data is stored on a server that is protected by one of the world's strictest data security laws. All TelemaxX servers are located in a data centre in Baden-Württemberg. The data centre region around Karlsruhe is not only our home, but also the home of your cloud. A cloud made in Germany.

Encrypted data transmission guarantees maximum security

The TelemaxX security guarantee applies not only to cloud storage, but also to transferring your sensitive data. When forwarding client data, we use complex encryption methods that guarantee maximum security. This means your company data is protected from prying access even during data transport.
If you are looking for a secure and flexible way of storing your data in a cloud made in Germany, we would be happy to help. Together, we will find a cloud solution for your company that is perfectly tailored to your individual wishes and needs. Our competent consultants are always happy to explain to you how a TelemaxX cloud works and how you too can benefit from our innovative cloud services. Just give us a call or send us a short e-mail. We look forward to convincing you of German cloud services!

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