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Cage colocation – security for your servers

Anyone who understands that server security is not just operational security but is also protection against unauthorised physical access should rent a server cage from TelemaxX.

What is a server cage?

A server cage is a separate and lockable unit area of variable size in one of our certified data centres. We configure this area according to your individual needs and separate it from other cages using a metal room divider system. Being well protected in a cage lets you operate your servers safely and discreetly – regardless of whether you want to outsource a server room or a complete data centre. You are largely free to determine the technical equipment in the cages.

How reliable are server cages at TelemaxX?

Our server cage solutions give top priority to your servers' operational security. A total of 640 batteries ensure an uninterruptible power supply, jumping in within five milliseconds in the event of faults to the power supply and maintaining operations for several hours. In the event of serious disruptions to the public power grid, we use our redundant emergency power supply. If the first emergency generator fails, the second one is used.

Flexible cages
Flexible cages

according to client requirements

Location security
Location security

in TelemaxX's data centre in Karlsruhe

What about access protection?

In addition to operational security, protecting your IT equipment from unauthorised access is at the top of our agenda. Your server racks are well protected by lockable cages. If you want, we can also secure your server cage with an electronic access control system. Discretion goes without saying: Nobody except you and us will know that you rent a server cage from us.

Optimal climatic conditions

Our sensor-controlled climate monitoring ensures a constant humidity level of 50 percent in the data centre at all times. Thanks to a sophisticated separation of cold air and warm air areas, sufficient air can circulate to optimally cool the computers.

Why rent a server cage from TelemaxX?

Our server cages offer you an economical solution for outsourcing your entire data centre. You need not even worry about maintaining your systems; we can also do this via remote maintenance if you wish. Cage colocation from TelemaxX lets you play it safe: A redundant emergency power supply ensures maximum operational reliability for every rack.

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