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Server rack rental – the better alternative

Renting a server rack through our colocation takes the strain off your IT department. We can provide you with either a server rack with up to 46 rack units or space for a rack.

What is a server rack?

Our server rack is a standardised server cabinet with up to 46 rack units for accommodating and operating servers. Each space for a rack measures 60 x 100 cm. However, other dimensions are also possible. Every server rack in our data centre is equipped with a redundant power connection, through which we can measure your individual power consumption. The raised floor under the server rack ensures your hardware is adequately air conditioned. Each server rack can also be individually locked.

Why rent a server rack from TelemaxX?

TelemaxX is your ideal partner for server rack rental. As the operator of five high-security data centres in Karlsruhe, we are specialists in individual data centre space rental. Highly available data centre infrastructure is the foundation of our server housing solutions, guaranteeing maximum operational security.

What are the advantages of renting a server rack from TelemaxX?

Operating one or more high-performance, fail-safe servers requires extensive investments to equip server rooms or an own data centre. From air-conditioning to a redundant power supply to physical security, numerous precautions must be taken, which are expensive. In addition, the systems must also be serviced regularly. On the other hand, server rack rental from TelemaxX relieves your IT budget.

19" Rack
19" Rack

for up to 46 rack units

Location security
Location security

in TelemaxX's data centre in Karlsruhe

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