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Data centre management

Reliably move your servers

To ensure that moving a highly sensitive IT environment to a new data centre (data centre/server colocation centre) can be carried out successfully, detailed planning of the entire moving process and also professional data centre management afterwards is required.

Advice from our data centre management team will give a fresh new perspective to your company's IT infrastructure. Using our best practices, which have been tried and tested over many years, we always advise our clients on the most up-to-date and safest solutions. The right data centre strategy helps you ensure your efficiency, sustainability and long-term innovation security. Transparent and efficient data centre management is our solution for your IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive data centre management

Our data centre management is comprehensive and also meets individual client requirements for subsequent operation. In the course of data centre management, we create a power-supply concept with the desired safeguards to ensure smooth server operation in our data centres. We also create an air-conditioning concept to optimally cool the systems, reducing the risk of heat-related failures to an absolute minimum.

Modern online information-technology models require a particularly efficient and fail-safe technical infrastructure. Many medium-sized companies in particular attach great importance to operational security, high availability and the backup of business-critical data in Germany.

TelemaxX–Data centre in Germany

For this reason, TelemaxX uncompromisingly relies on its own data centre locations in Germany and provides server solutions based on its own, ultra-modern network infrastructure. Of course, the data centres or computer centres meet all requirements for fire protection, building security, environmental management and air-conditioning technology.

Our data centre management also includes a wide range of services: This includes installation and commissioning individual racks, as well as planning and implementing all necessary cabling, and networking and provisioning the necessary infrastructure for connecting to the Internet.

All phases of the relocation process are supervised and supported in detail by our professionally trained, technical staff in direct contact with the client.

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