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Rent server and secure data

TelemaxX offers the ideal solution for companies that have to move large amounts of data every day, operate extensive websites or use important web applications. Due to the large amounts of data, they need a stable and secure infrastructure to operate servers. TelemaxX offers you modern colocation and server housing solutions to accommodate your server systems. For many companies, server colocation is a cheap alternative to operating their own data centres. You can rent space in our data centre for your servers at a low cost, because operating your own server rooms is very time-consuming and expensive. The rooms must be appropriately air-conditioned, protected and secured. With TelemaxX, you can rent server space in the data centre, thus keeping your data in a safe place.

Rent a data centre and secure your data

We offer optimal conditions for operating your servers, 365 days a year. Our data centres are secure and available at all times. With TelemaxX, you can also rent suitable, preconfigured servers in one of our energy-efficient data centres.

Loss of data can threaten a company's existence. Therefore, you should store your data in a location that is safe from power outages, human error, sabotage or fire. You can rent space for your server in our data centre, ensuring the security of your data in the data centre thanks to its secure, round-the-clock energy supply and ideal air-conditioning.

Give your data a safe home

If you rent a data centre from TelemaxX, you can expect several advantages: Our data centres are strictly monitored, only authorised persons have access, and they are secured by a security gate and electronic access control as well as comprehensive monitoring. In the event of a power failure, emergency generators are at the ready. Fire protection also plays an important role for us. Our fire early-warning system ensures that potential fire hazards can be identified at an early stage. In the event of a fire, it can be quickly put out by the gas extinguishing system. Our entire IT infrastructure is fully redundant and meets the highest quality and security requirements. All of our data centres are also redundantly connected to our own 2,400-kilometre fibre optic network.

Data access to your servers around the clock

If you rent servers in the data centre, you can access your data at any time via broadband access. We offer high-performance data transfer to the servers you rent. For on-site server work, our clients have access to a separate technical room. If you want to leave maintenance work to us, you are welcome to use our "Remote Hands" service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about server colocation, housing and server leasing.

rack unit
rack unit

Colocation from 1 RU in
certified data centre


Server cabinet with up
to 46 rack units


separated unit areas
in variable size

Managed Services
Managed Services

professional IT solutions
from a single source

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