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The data centres (data centre/colocation centre) are air conditioned in an energy-saving manner based on the principle of free cooling. The outside temperature is used to cool the data centre – especially in the cooler seasons. The building's roof has chilled water units (5 +1 in the final configuration) with up to 5 x 440 kW for cooling (value for IPC 3).

Within the data centres, the server cabinets are cooled according to the principle of cold and warm air aisles. Up to 10 air conditioners with a total output of 850 kW (100% redundant) per section ensure optimal conditions. Cool air is blown into the 0.7m-high raised floor, which has air outlet slots in front of the server racks. The warm air is then extracted in the ceiling area.

The supply of cold air is regulated via a redundant piping system to continuously and reliably cool all areas of the data centre that are problematic. The temperature inside the data centre is consistently approx. 23 degrees Celsius.

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