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TelemaxX – data security »Made in Karlsruhe«

TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH was founded in 1999 by the regional energy suppliers in the Karlsruhe Technology Region on the basis of its own backbone network. As a provider of professional IT services, today, TelemaxX operates several certified high-security data centres in Baden-Württemberg with the latest technology and over 8,000 square metres of pure usable space for server racks.

In addition to individual data centre space, TelemaxX has specialised in implementing housing and managed service solutions to meet the requirements of business clients. After all, data security has become a relevant production factor and a valuable investment for every company. Additional factors include changing data protection regulations, increased certification requirements and the associated costs and risks.

TelemaxX offers customised solutions for companies that have to move large amounts of data every day, operate extensive websites or use important web applications. The trend of putting IT resources into the cloud is gaining traction. In addition to colocation, the TelemaxX product portfolio also includes its own hosting and cloud products. With TelemaxX Cloud Connect, refined data direct connections to major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS are also possible. Furthermore, the operator of the largest Internet node in the world in Frankfurt am Main, De-CIX, is expanding at regional level to Karlsruhe. The “DE-CIX Enabled Site” will make DE-CIX Interconnection Services such as DirectCLOUD and GlobePEER directly available in Karlsruhe in the future. Accordingly, companies will be able to increasingly align their IT strategy to flexible and hybrid cloud scenarios in the future. Our actions always focus on: Data security "Made in Karlsruhe".

Data centre

Big data, digitisation, cloud and high-performance computing – these are our clients' main issues. Our data centre lets you manage all requirements associated with these issues effectively and safely. Smooth operation, 365 days a year, is a challenge for the entire infrastructure of our data centre.

Managed service

Our wide range of managed services as well as our other services lets you and your employees concentrate on your core competencies. These are what make your company successful.


MaxXimum speed with direct data connections; global, fast Internet access; modern products for smooth telephony: These are the telecommunication services offered by TelemaxX.

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