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Colocation services from TelemaxX: The great feeling of being in good hands

IT professionals from various fields work in TelemaxX's data centres. The wide range of expert knowledge enables us to offer you a variety of colocation services. Our offer ranges from server housing, monitoring and storage to firewall services – all from a single source. This lets you be sure you are in the best hands at all times for everything relating to server housing.

Managed services for colocation and monitoring

Upkeep and maintenance of IT systems is an important but time-consuming task. In many cases, it ties up resources that are urgently needed in other projects. Our server housing services enable you and your employees to focus on the essential aspects of your work. For all problems related to your IT, our experienced professionals are here to help in an emergency. As Remote Hands, they take care of faults on-site at your location and, as patient advisors, can also be reached by phone at any time. Whether you have network problems, questions about applications or other topics, with our colocation services, we are there for you around the clock – not only in our data centres.

Remote Hands

What tasks can
we take on for you?

Server monitoring

Professional monitoring
for security and reliability


Firewall services from TelemaxX
your data is safe


We take care of
your connections

With TelemaxX's firewall services, your server is fully protected

IT security is of existential importance for every company. A gap in the system makes it easy for unwanted intruders to do enormous damage. With our firewall services for server housing in our data centres, we decisively counteract this danger. As part of our colocation offer, we take care of your data security around the clock. Leave this important task to real professionals. Detecting threats in good time and reacting to them immediately is essential when it comes to countering attacks from the Internet. We have the knowledge and capacities to reliably protect the data stored on your servers in our data centres. This frees up your time to take care of your clients and your business.

Benefit from our many years of experience in server housing and monitoring

As a reliable provider of colocation services, we are known far beyond the location of our data centres in Karlsruhe. When it comes to server monitoring, numerous satisfied clients rely on the expertise of our specialists. As a professional in all areas of colocation, TelemaxX ensures that your IT is working properly at all times. As a part of server housing in our data centres, we are also always available to assist in the important question of monitoring, if you so wish.

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